Through collective action and collaboration, NECT is dedicated to creating and promoting better public transit solutions in the Northeast region of the United States. We advocate for holistic and long-term transportation planning that benefits all Northeast commuters.

Our vision is to transform the Northeast into the first “car-optional” region in the country. To make this a reality, NECT seeks to unify transit advocacy efforts and put pressure on local and state leaders to commit to investing more in mass transit infrastructure. As rail and bus ridership continues to grow, legislators and transit officials must focus on increasing capacity and targeted expansion. We aspire to be the leading influence behind this cause.

NECT is a not-for-profit and is entirely run by volunteers. As commuters and transit enthusiasts, we know firsthand the import role that efficient public transit plays in our region and the lives of Northeast commuters.


  • Create and Spread Awareness
  • Inform and Engage Elected Officials and Northeast Commuters
  • Enable and Empower Grassroots Movements to Push for Better Transportation Solutions


Liam Blank

Liam Blank

The founding member of NECT, Liam is also the Director of Advocacy and a Contributor for the New Jersey Commuters Action Network (NJCAN). He is a Transportation Analyst for ReThink Studio in New York City and is completing his master’s degree in City and Regional Planning at Rutgers University. Liam has worked in Rhode Island and New Jersey on various projects in the fields of politics, urban design, and transportation planning. Starting in high school, Liam became involved in public transportation activism and intends to continue his advocacy upon completion of his degree.

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