You can support us by lending your specific talents to assist our team and continue building the Northeast Corridor Transit network. We are in particular need of enthusiastic, civic-minded individuals who share our vision and are willing to volunteer in any of the following ways:

Events Coordination

  • Planning and running events for membership-building

Community Organization

  • Outreach to community leaders and organizers
  • Facilitation of community outreach to identify transportation concerns and needs
  • Identifying advocacy opportunities (public meetings, workshops, etc.) and maintaining public advocacy calendar communications

Communications Coordination

  • Coordinating communications about events, action opportunities
  • Using social media, print media, and press exposure to gain visibility for NECT and its activities

Advocacy Outreach

  • Outreach to other advocacy organizations, business organizations, chambers of commerce

Volunteer Coordination

  • Motivating and connecting volunteers with volunteering opportunities

Content Creation

  • Generating graphical assets and expanding our visual identity
  • Summarizing and highlighting relevant updates to keep the community informed of significant and actionable news

Project Tracking

  • Mapping out relevant Northeast transit-related projects
  • Considering need for action and involvement
  • Identify main projects relevant to NECT’s mission for focus from the community
  • Update project pages on NECT’s website with pertinent advocacy information and news

Contact Liam Blank for more information: Liamblank@gmail.com